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  1. Gabrielle says:

    Hi Rob.

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!
    (I had a look at your MySpace profile)

    It has taken me over a day to search the Net
    for free website templates and I was very
    disappointed since most of the ones I came
    across were either very cluttered, too
    garish, too naff or just plain boring.

    I thank God, your Mom or whomever, that you
    were born so clever and creative. Your
    templates are miles (lots more than 9) ahead
    of the rest. They are the cat’s whiskers.

    I liked so many of them that I couldn’t
    decide which one to download. I need to have
    a website live as soon as possible, so I
    downloaded a couple (more actually) of
    templates – one to do quickly and one to take
    my time over and try to be creative with.

    I also spent hours looking through your
    tutorials. You are a great communicator and
    you make it all seem so easy.

    You have saved me a small fortune and as I am
    currently unemployed, I thank you from the
    bottom of my big heart. You deserve all the
    top business that you desire.

    Light and love (Platonic)


    PS – I’m starting a life coaching business
    here in London and would love to see a
    PhotoShop-ed urban scape of the Thames with
    Waterloo Bridge and the Houses of Parliament
    (where all the scheming and plotting happens),
    instead of New York City. Any
    chance of a free template like that?

  2. Aaron says:

    I’d been having some trouble understanding the span function with tables for my site i’m building I always ended up with what looked like a missing table. Nothing online was helpful, or i should say it was too basic! Then, I found your site! Immediate help! I’m bookmarking your site for future help!

  3. Iman says:

    Superb website. So helpful and easy to understand for the beginner-(that’s me!) Thank you so much for your efforts and time in your wonderful information!!

  4. MARKO says:


    I am an Italian complete programming noob, with just some school basics knowledge…
    I was setting up a nive web-site with iWeb a mac-anti-programmer-nice application to create websites…
    I decided i wanted to put a mail form and got stuck of free but crap web tool services…
    Then i found



  5. Mikey says:

    phew i have to give you a heart felt thank you. I got tired of being out of the loop as far as html coding and I think I’ll be able to pick this up rather quickly… Biggest motivator atm is to be able to make a gnarly myspace layout. … Not just some “same as everyone else profile”… I want to make a work of art … Blah I’m rambling. Any how .. Thank you

  6. Alicia says:

    Thank you so much for creating this site. I have my own site and was looking for a html editor so I can start uploading my own pages and move off the web based page builder that I’ve been using.

    I tried the WYSIWYG editor that was suggested and I hate it. I’m a “not quite novice” who prefers to work with code!! Slowly but surely I’ve learned enough html that now I actually prefer it and work faster with code!!

    I use notepad but wanted an actual html web page builder with some basic bells and whistles. All the ones that were suggested to me cost a fee, and I found Arachnaphilia a little clunky. Well I found your site and now I have Alleycode! It’s perfect!

    It only took me about 10 minutes to get the hang of it including changing the settings to suit my needs and now I’m ready to roll. I’m definitely bookmarking your site because I see there is A LOT of useful info here in a very clean, simple format that works for someone like me.

    I’m a WAHM with a very tight budget. I’m learning all this on my own and sites like yours make it possible for someone like me to succeed on the net.

    Thank you sooooo much!!! :)

  7. Ash says:

    Great tutorial – it’s clear, concise and very easy to read with an appropriate bit of humour here and there.

    I feel empowered now I’ve read part way through so I’m definitely going to go through the whole lot.

    Many thanks for the effort you put into helping people like me.

  8. w.j. says:

    Do you remember WordStar – about 1980 – 83. I am having great fun with your tutorial so far. It is using the same conventions as good old WS. ie. will print as bolded type Then along came WYSIWYG in WordPerfect and (yuck)MSWord. Now 25 years later I’ve come back. Your instructions perfectly clear.
    thank you, thank you very much

  9. Anna says:

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful, helpful, comprehensive, informative and exciting to follow website.

    Also a HUGE thank you for taking the time to look into my specific website questions.

    Admiration and indebted…x

  10. Rob says:


    I don’t know. Over the years, I’ve viewed my site on many different computers in all the major web browsers and there has never been an issue. Can you post a screenshot to Photobucket or something like that?

  11. Rich says:

    I liked your info and was glad to learn to wrap in HTML-kit. But the way your site displays — in my IE7 on a 15″ screen, 1/4 of your page is just a vertical light-blue strip vertically on the right side. What is wrong???


  12. Audrey says:

    I really like that in your HTML tutoral, you used differnt colors. I am going to show my students some HTML examples and this will really help them see/read the code…Also, love the free layouts, I plan on sharing them with other teachers.

  13. Rob says:


    It’d be a lot easier if you just posted a link to the affected web page so that I could take a look at what you’ve done.

  14. Traci says:

    First of all thank you so much for this site, it has been really helpful for me! I am a small business owner and need to build my own site. I have had no training whatever in regards to building a site and have never done one before and this site has been truly a God send for me!
    That said I do have one question. I have followed all of the steps of your instructions and found them so wonderfully easy to follow however; I did encounter one problem that I can’t figure out.
    I added a photo to my page and centered the photo it was centered directly under the Title which is exactly what I wanted. Then I wanted to add text to each side of the picture. It did work as there is text on each side of the photo but for some reason the photo shifted toward the left side. Now it looks like it is centered between the center and the left side it still has the lines of text on each side of the picture but now it isn’t centered. I can not understand why this has happened. I followed exactly word for word your instructions.
    Can you help? I’d sure appreciate any input about this.

  15. Linda says:

    Thank you thank you for clearing up the mystery of HTML-Kit using XHTML tags when writing in HTML! I thought it was a bug, couldn’t find anything about it on the HMTL-Kit website, and found your website while looking for another editor (as a last resort). Now I can continue promoting the Kit, for I too find it a great editor.

  16. Charlee says:

    Hey, Rob:

    FYI: If you haven’t already been told these things, I just want you to know that nothing’s changed. Going to school for web design is a major waste of time and money. None of the instructors know jack squat because they don’t keep up on the trade anymore. On top of this, things change so fast our heavy, expensive textbooks aren’t reliable so the instructors tell us to go online and compile lists of websites to use and, ultimately teach ourselves.


    Even as I advance I’m still learning more from you than anywhere else, and believe me, I’ve been all over, including the W3C tutorial site.

    You have a rare gift for making subject matter easy for most people to understand. You’d be amazed at how far I’ve come along, thanks to your sites, Rob.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YA!!!

  17. Dave says:

    Thanks man. Appreciated the pure black SIMPLE layout. Don’t need all this bullshit that exists on the net. HOpefully others will find you through your advert on my page now. Peace and thanks again you have helped someone out.

  18. Rob says:

    Thanks Claudia! And to all others as well… Thanks for your feedback!

    By the way, for the benefit of one and all, my name is Rob, not Ron. :o)

  19. Claudia and Mary says:

    We LOVE IronSpider. Ron, your work is so helpful. Over and over again. We had Claudia’s website redesigned a few months ago (very pretty) but for adding new pages, your tips are the best.

    Mary would be lost without you….
    and the website would look worse.
    Instead we’re doing great.

  20. Rob says:


    What’s the URL of your website?

  21. desertsculptor says:

    SOS!!! I’m so frustrated. I built a whole site using one of your easy templates and now when I try to upload, it doesn’t display properly. I’m relatively savvy as I built my own site a year or so ago and thought this would be a piece of cake. After much frustration, I tried loading your download as is without my tweaking with name, logo and all that. It doesn’t load properly either. So what could be wrong??? Please hurry and respond. I need this site up asap!!! Thanks, JoAnn

  22. Carla says:

    My 25 year old daughter is involved with the myspace community and kept asking me to get a page going. I am not into the scene and think the glitter and junk is tacky until I came across your website by putting “classy my space layouts” in Google. I am currently using the roses in the china coffee cup and I love it. Thank you for providing a very polished alternative to mainstream myspace. It was so simple, I was surprised.


  23. Emma says:

    Just used your “creatng a simple feedback form” tutorial. It’s absolutely fantastic. Simple, easy to follow and funny at all the right momenets. Thank you

  24. Rob says:


    Yes, I omitted the option to include a background for the tables because many people will end up choosing a high contrast background that makes the text hard to read. As for the transparency level on the tables, that is indeed included in the Advanced Editor (go to the Tweaks tab and click to check the ‘Use opacity filter?’ option. A dropdown menu will appear allowing you to set the transparency).

  25. Trent says:

    actually it would be nice if there were even more options, like being able to put a picture url in for the tables and then being able to have different levels of transparency for the table backgrounds… i say the more detail options the better…

  26. Janifer says:

    Excellent layouts … very clean and professional! For a while I was using your electric piano background but recently uploaded my own ( Your editors are incredibly easy and fun to use; I’ve also turned a few friends on to your site. Bless you and much thanks!

    P.S. My son just LOVES your avatar on the editor preview pages.

  27. Rob says:


    The best way to validate your HTML is to use the online W3C Validation service. HTML errors are varied and often complex. After the validation process, the W3C validator will spit out a little blurb telling you what is most likely the cause of each error. I doubt very much I could improve on that service. You should check it out.

  28. jeremy says:

    great layouts…i’ll be using the white or the purple :D

  29. Mubera says:

    I am trying to learn how to correct HTML errors on my website and have found your excellent tutorial about setting up HTML kit and have done all as you have suggested….

    HOWEVER….I still don’t know how to fix errors and validate my website….

    Adding such tutorial and how to implement HTML Tydi would be much appreciated….

    Thank you so much!

  30. Rob says:


    The MySpace Layouts are updated all the time. As for adding new web design tutorials, not for the moment because my hands are full with another web-related project. But very quickly, you can easily create a feedback page by installing WordPress on your website.

  31. Ben Mo says:

    Than you very much this website has been very down to earth and informative.

    It was refreshing after some of those sites where you search “how to make a style sheet” and you get about 3 lines of jargon for super-nerds. It has been very helpful. However, are you still updating this site?

    If so, are you going to include any even more advanced stuff: like how to add my own feedback page! or customizing your own video-player controls or java?

  32. Esono Bekoni says:

    There is no element of hypocrisy in my word!!!!!!Your tutorials meet the fundamentals of a professional web designer.To be candid,I have searched round the whole world wide webs and I’ve seen nothing as incredible as your website.
    A big thank u and more greese to your elbows.
    Please don’t hesitate to fire me recent tips.

  33. Dani Zobin says:

    Just great!

    Simple, direct, numerous examples, covers all the basics and not only.

    I rarely enjoy a site that much.


  34. Richy says:

    Thank you for all your advice went with mydaddy for email and domain and am using Lunarpages for my hosting.

    I refeered Lunarpages to your site so hopefully you will get some comission as I read many do.

    may i add to promote the use of coupons! I saved a small fortune googleing mydaddy coupons and lunarpages coupons!

    all the best and thanks for your hard work.

    Feel free to email me


  35. Adrian says:

    Love your ‘My Web Host is Out to Lunch’ – brilliant, saved me heaps of time.
    Congratulations on a great site.

  36. stewart says:

    The best cgi formmail configuration tutorial I have ever come across…If you cant get up and runnning using the simple to folow instructions you must be brain dead..

  37. Mark Brian says:

    Not sure how/where I found you but really glad I did. Working on my first site and downoaded one of your free templates, will use various versions of it to build my site. The web hosting company I am using also has free templates but they do not suit my tastes and are not as easy to use as yours. Great job! In will be a while before I go live, but will let you know so you can see what a total newb can do with your help!

  38. jaz says:

    for 1st time in my life i understood css so easily and used it too! thnk u! im a commercial artist webdesigner by profession.

  39. Hans says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for this page. In two days I went from knowing nothing about HTML to being able to actually write one up. Everything in here was easy to follow commands and well laid out. I’m usually the type to learn stuff by doing not reading, but you had enough examples to actually work. I can’t imagine a better introduction to web design.

  40. Richard Singleton says:

    Thanks for this wonderful web site. It had me laughing out loud, firstly I liked the style of your writing, like you are talking to me. I just wanted a review of text editors and your site came up. Then I went on to the ‘how to make a really crappy web site’ page. Fantastic, I know sites that fulfill most of the requirements. I would like to link to that page in a blog coming up shortly. Many thanks and keep up the good works.

    Love etc – Richard Singleton

  41. Madeline ~ Montreal (Qc) says:

    I LOVE YOU! God bless your soul! Where were you and why did I not find you before pulling half of my hair out? I’ve yet to explore all your amazing site! I’ve only used your MySpace layout help; any more user-friendly and you would’ve made it for me. THANK-YOU!

  42. Melissa says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I am in school now for Web Development and I have read a 200+ page text book and done about 20 assignments…and I have learned more about HTML and CSS from your website in about 10 minutes then I have learned all semester!

    I want to say…you have an amazing way of teaching this material! I can actually do my final project now.

    There is only 1 question left..What can I make out of this textbook that will be useful.


  43. Rob says:


    On the contrary regarding your IQ… Using my layouts automatically qualifies you as brilliant! :o)

    My MySpace page is here:

  44. Paul says:

    Oh Oh how exciting the code worked just as you said. It was very easy to load onto my Myspace layout and a really Fantasmigoricle layout, thanks truly .

    So before I forget my manners, thanks for taking the time to produce them and very kind of you to post them for us lesser mortals to use.I prefer it with your tag as all credit to you for all your hard work and artistic abilitys…I would have added you as a friend, but due to my staggeringly low IQ I haven’t been able to find your Myspace page….Doh….I’ll keep looking ….Take care all round great site.Thanks Paul…

  45. Jinesh says:

    i liked ironspider, this is fine and good for both begginer and expert webdevlopers…

  46. Rob says:


    Possibly. But the new MySpace Profile 2.0 is a whole new bag of marbles. Not sure if I’ll be making layouts for that yet. And besides, they’re still working the bugs out.

  47. Charlee says:

    BTW: I made the big girl move and upgraded to Mozilla Firefox and to my surprise my layout looks even better.

    Speaking of upgrades…My Space just launched a 2.0 profile with movable modules and enhanced privacy since you can determine which friends see what in your profile. However the layouts it offers, for now anyway, are horrific.

    Since I prefer yours by far, have you any plans to design layouts which are compatible with Profiles 2.0?

  48. Marci McDonald says:

    All across the board… YOU ARE SUCH A CLASS ACT.

  49. charles says:

    You have a very nice piece of Real Estate here.
    I liked the linked pages but I think if I used it I would leave out the Add To Favourites because it does not work as well for all browsers.
    Now if you could think of a way so that when people tried to Add to Favourites in Firefox they did not end up in the SideBar when they came back to Firefox the next day that would be great….
    So Good and Bad in this comment…

  50. gedankenkonstrukt says:

    Thanks for your “resize friends comments” code!

    I never had time to analyze the (in my opinion a bit disturbing) code myspace determines.
    Perhaps I’ve to do a short outing: I’m not really into webdesign but as far it could be understood logically, at least it’s possible to “read” the codes.

    Keep on sharing your knowledge (at least there could be fewer examples of crappy code that disturbe content! I guess surfing the net would feel more comfortable then)

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